Practice, Practice, Practice

You can sit and read blogs and watch tutorials all day, but there is nothing that will improve you more than DOING. That is why this month, I've decided to focus on PRACTICE. Doing every day. Learning every day. Artists need to establish habits in their lives that help them progress in their work. I will elaborate more on creating creative habits later on, but for now I will just say that never have I ever learned more, created more, and accomplished MORE in my art than when I simply was in the habit of drawing every day.

My number one advice for how to be successful at art:


Ideas will flow more easily. Your methods will become more efficient. Your art will look more polished and professional. I'm not saying you'll instantly find financial success, but it will certainly make you more prepared when opportunity knocks.

This month, I don't have a set project, per se. I'm still working on last month's Christmas collection, which I'd like to focus on. But I want to make sure I draw, paint, and create as much as possible. I am challenging myself to stop wasting what little spare time I have on TV, iPhone games, and unnecessary naps (although I would argue that EVERY nap is necessary when you're a mother, haha), and just MAKE ART.

As always, you can follow along on Instagram (@nicolejonessturk, #sturkartchallenge2018).

Sincerely, Nicole