New Coloring Book! Pretty Creepy: BOO-tiful Designs for Coloring

Halloween lovers, this coloring book is for you!  I’ve created some designs that are pretty creepy—but more pretty than creepy. The coloring pages feature my signature florals combined with spooky elements like creepy crawlies, pumpkins, skulls, and Halloween type designs. The black background adds an extra Halloween touch that will make your coloring pop. The designs are also provided with lines only on a plain white background to double the coloring fun. 

This coloring book features:

  • 15 different Halloween-themed designs provided with both a black and plain white background, for a total of 30 coloring pages

  • Unique, hand-drawn illustrations featuring spooky imagery combined with pretty florals

  • One-sided pages in the print book

Available both as printed book and digital e-book. Links below.



New Shop at Holly Pixels

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve joined the design team over at Holly Pixels! They are an awesome resource for all things digital planning, scrapbooking, iPad lettering, and more. My first product is now up—a fun and spooky Halloween-themed digital planner sticker set for Goodnotes and other digital planners.

Stay tuned as I continue to add more fun stuff to my shop!

Free Downloads! - Digital Paper Samples

Besides releasing a coloring book, I’ve also been busy recently stocking up my Etsy shop with some fun digital goods. It’s taken me awhile to get in the groove and figure out what exactly I want to offer all of you.

As an artist, I often find myself in limbo between the physical, hands-on art stuff—pen, pencil, paint, crafts—and the digital world of iPads, vectors, fonts, screens, and software. Each side has different aspects that appeal to me as it pertains to creating art. As a result, my work has become a hybrid of physical and digital media.

I’m sure there a lot of you out there who feel similarly. You love to use technology, but also still like the look and quality of art created by hand.

My Etsy products have evolved to fill that space. My goal is to create a line of artfully designed digital goods that embody that handmade quality that I love. For example, some of my latest listings have been inspired by felt crafts, embroidery, paint marbling, and natural paper textures.

I’d love to offer you all a FREE sampling of some of my digital products from Etsy. Please enjoy these fun papers and a piece of floral clip art I’ve made recently for some of my sets. Click the link below to download the high resolution files from Google Drive. Print them out or use them in your digital layouts, whether for card-making, scrapbooking, or other paper crafts. And I’d love for you to visit my Etsy shop HERE as well, of course!




The fine print: Personal use only please. I retain copyright and ownership of the images. If you use these files in your layouts and share online, credit and/or linking back to my site or shop is appreciated. Please do not redistribute the files in any way or use commercially. Thank you.

Sample from my  Colorful Craft paper set
Sample from my  Earthtones paper set

Sample from my Earthtones paper set

Sample from my  Paper Plants clip art set

Flowers All Around: Beautiful Floral Mandalas for Coloring


I am pleased to announce that my new coloring book Flowers All Around is available now on Amazon!

This book features FIFTY floral mandala designs. The pages are one-sided so they are easier to work with. Those who follow my art on social media might be aware that I love to draw and paint floral mandalas, which is how I came up with the idea for the theme of the book. Here are a few highlights and glimpses of my own coloring work:

Colored mandala used for the cover art.

Colored mandala used for the cover art.

A sample of some of the designs in the book.

A sample of some of the designs in the book.

Playing around with watercolor brush markers.

Playing around with watercolor brush markers.

Digital coloring on my iPad.

Digital coloring on my iPad.

For all you digital artists out there who love to draw in Photoshop, Procreate, or other graphics programs, I have also released a digital clip art pack in my Etsy shop. The set includes all of the same 50 designs found in the printed book, provided as PNG files with black lines and a transparent background. They can be imported as their own layer so that you can color on a layer below. You can alternatively print them out and color as many copies as you like using your favorite traditional media. The files are high resolution (300 dpi) at 8.5x8.5 inches. Click on the image below to go to the Etsy listing.

I hope you all enjoy coloring these. Feel free to share your creations on social media and tag me (@nicolejonessturk) and use the hashtag #flowersallaroundcoloring. I’d love to see what you come up with!


2018 Year in Review

Another year has come and gone. I am very happy with how 2018 turned out. I am excited for starting fresh with new goals for 2019. But first, here's a summary of 2018:

Developing Creative Habits

I really focused on creating art on a regular basis. I gave myself a few monthly projects that helped to keep me going, which included collections of floral patterns, fan art, and mandala sketches. I also participated in various online art challenges, such as Homwork, Paint Every Day, and Inktober (my most successful year yet!). I worked specifically on my hand lettering and digital illustration. I also played around with various traditional mediums like watercolor, gouache, acrylic, chalk, and colored pencil.

I Made A LOT of Art

With the help of regular sketching and painting, I was very productive in the amount of art I output this year, especially when compared to recent years. I have added many new pieces, including a few collections, to my portfolio (which has been updated! Take a look…). I am still experimenting and developing my process and style—though I think that is an ongoing thing for any artist. I was also lucky enough to be able to purchase an iPad this year, which has been a big help to my digital work. Below are some of my favorite pieces by category.

Everything is Made Out of Magic

I released my nature-themed journal Everything is Made Out of Magic in September. Working in publishing as a designer and typesetter has given me a love of creating and laying out books. I have been a little slow in getting some of my own books out there, so I was proud of myself for actually finishing a project this year. Hopefully there will be more in the near future, and perhaps even a book proposal to a publisher one day as well!

My Goals for 2019

Make Art Every Day

I want to keep the momentum from 2018 going into 2019! Perhaps EVERY DAY is a lofty goal, but doesn't hurt to try. 

Shop Development

I feel like 2018 was a lot about developing my portfolio and body of work, so for this coming year, I want to move on toward doing something with all that art I've been making, and will continue to make. I've opened up accounts with a few print-on-demand sites, as well as an Etsy shop for digital products and original paintings. I really want to focus on creating products with my designs for people to use and enjoy!

Focus on Handmade Crafts

I am always looking to learn new things. I've been particularly fascinated by all forms of folk art lately, which I'd like to incorporate into my work somehow. I also want to explore handmade, craft-centered media like paper art, embroidery, and collage—both the physical crafts themselves, as well as using them as inspiration for digital work. You may have seen the faux-felt flower and embroidery clip art I made recently. I'd love to add even more digital "handmade" products to my Etsy product line for digital scrapbooking. I would love to start selling original paintings, drawings, and crafts as well!

It’s going to be a challenge to implement everything that I want to do in this coming year, but I look forward to tackling it all! Happy New Year, everyone!

Sincerely, Nicole