I Make Books, Too

Probably 75% of the things I talk about on this blog and post on social media are centered around my art and illustration. The other 25% is crafts, kids, and food (haha). In actuality, a good chunk of my work is in book publishing. I did typesetting and design full-time for many years, and still do it today as a freelancer. So this month, I decided to highlight some of my book work, as well as introduce some of the basics of book design.


My project will tie in with this. I have always wanted to mock up some sample covers and pages to add to my portfolio that show what I like to do, and that are perhaps a little more fun and creative than the typical work I usually do (i.e., nonfiction, business, self-help, and text books).  The best way to follow along is via my Instagram (@nicolejonessturk, #sturkartchallenge2018).

Can't wait to get started!

Sincerely, Nicole